This page provides links to the sites mentioned in Educating for Sustainability (National Primary Trust, 2002)

Page 1        Teachers' Standards Framework National Primary Trust

Page 7        Sustainable Development Commission  UK Government's Policy on Sustainable Development

Page 9        Statement of aims and values supporting the national curriculum

Page 12      Renewable energy trail for KS2    the Solar School    British Wind Energy Association

Page 13       Word Wide Fund for Nature

Page 14       Footprint calculator

Page 15       Global Footprints project

Page 16       Religious Education and Environment Programme

Page 19        National Consumer Education Partnership  Personal Finance Education Group

Page 19        McDonalds  McSpotlight  Guardian Resources No Shopping Day

Page 20         Research on critical thinking/pedagogy  Judy Keen Media Awareness Network

Page 20         Dustbin Pack

Page 21         Curriculum guidelines for primary schools  QCA pages on ESD

Page 21         Geographical Association  Development Education Centres

Page 24         Eco Schools

Page 25         Eco Schools site in USA

Page 26         Sustainable School Travel database  Safer Routes to School Scheme

Page 26         Travel and literacy  Travel statistics for project work Learning through Landscapes

Page 27         Framework for PSHE and Citizenship

Page 28         Children's participation

Page 30         Central Bureau 

Page 31         Data base on curriculum materials Development Education

Page 31         WWF  South Bank University UNESCO 

Page 31         Development Education Association   Council for Environmental Education

Page 32         Dorset's ESD Network

Page 33         School-industry links in Cheshire and Warrington

Page 34         UNED-UK

Page 35         World Summit  John Huckle